About Tekeyla Friday

Tekeyla Friday is an artist and she has written for as long as she was first able to hold a pen. Her imagination delights children and young adults. She is a member of the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild, and a Prairie Quills Writers' Group member.


She has a diploma in writing for children and teens through the Institute of Children's Literature.


Her first story, "Kadin and the Dragon," was published in 2010 in R.E.A.L. Canadian Kids Magazine. Her first book, "Bothers: Powers Of Archangel Michael," was published in February 2014.  

She was guest author for the Swift Current Sagehill Teen Writing Experience.

Tekeyla enjoys creating fantasy, mystery, and sci-fi stories. She writes puppet scripts and works as the Children's Program Coordinator for Chinook Regional Library.

She aids self-publishing authors in cover design, ebook formatting, and website advice.

The artist side of Tekeyla loves to create expressions in oil, water colour, Acrylic and Plasticine. Creating art with vibrant colours that captures emotion is one of Tekeyla's favorite ways to tell stories.

Tekeyla Blogs at: Author Tekeyla Friday

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Tequila Friday Studios

Why Tequila like the drink? Because people either pronounce my name wrong or they misspell my name so I figured what the hey, I have one of the coolest names on the planet, why not rock it!

What is Tequila Friday Studios? It's the seedling for a much bigger picture that I hope to bring about for the well being of Saskatchewan arts, media, the Métis Nation, and myself.


I work with claymation and thanks to the Saskatchewan Arts Board for the generous grant, and the support from amazing people like Barbara Reid (children's author), Kim Houghtaling (Director and Curator of Art Gallery Of Swift Current) and the Chinook Regional Library, I can now plant the first seed of this big dream. 

Over the next twelve months, I will put together twenty-four scenes based on my Métis heritage and the history of the Métis people in my area. This project is dear to my heart because my mom, Glenda (Dumont) Friday raised me to be proud of my culture. 

Curious to find out more? Find me on Facebook, twitter, Instagram or sign-up for an email newsletter. 

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